“No thanks, I’m going to Nadia Cakes”

If there was any question whether Nadia Cakes owners were truly settled in Minnesota after relocating from sunny California, the answer is clear. Not only are they here to stay, but they’re expanding. Get excited, Woodbury! This Food Network darling (and “Cupcake Wars” WINNER) could have expanded anywhere and they are taking over the Twin Cities. They’ve already proved that they are “Making Minneapolis seriously jealous of Maple Grove” (as stated on their bumper stickers). Now it looks like they’re coming for St. Paul.

Erin Campbell, General Manager of Nadia Cakes Palmdale location, will "rock Minnesota's socks off", according to Nadia Cakes founder, Abby Jimenez.

Erin Campbell, General Manager of the new Nadia Cakes location in Woodbury. Photography by Rachel Nadeau / De La Vue Photography.

For their new location, they have grand plans. It’s not just about cupcakes anymore. They are tackling tarts, chocolates, pastries, and pies on top of their (constantly) award-winning cakes. In order to pull this off, you’d need not just a cake specialist, but a master all-around baker. Enter Erin Campbell, General Manager of Nadia Cakes Palmdale location. She is an accomplished pastry chef and chocolatier and she is bringing her special talents to run the Woodbury location. In the words of Nadia Cakes founder, Abby Jimenez, “she’s going to rock Minnesota’s socks off!” Erin is setting the bar high. Her hopes? “I want you to go to dinner somewhere at a nice restaurant and for them to offer you dessert and with no guilt in your mind, you say, ‘No thanks, I’m going to Nadia Cakes.’” Not only does Nadia Cakes use only the finest ingredients, but their emphasis is on flavor. And lots of it (their Strawberry Pie Cupcake takes one pound of fresh strawberries for the batter and another pound for the frosting)! Nothing in their shop is one-note. As Erin says,“everything that we do here is layered with flavor”. Take, for example, what Erin thinks is their best kept secret: the Junkyard Brownies. You may think you know what to expect here: flour, sugar, heavy cream (not whole milk!), cocoa powder and then fun stuff like M&Ms & peanut butter cups, but then they give it a real twist. “We actually use some cupcakes [too]”, Erin casually mentions, “so it’s extremely fudgy and chewy as well”. And she said that the intense chocolatey-ness will definitely be evidenced on any napkin that happens to come in contact with one of these creations. To pull off their extensive selection, they are anticipating hiring at least 30 people to run the new Woodbury location. Erin will be making the move in November and their grand opening will be in time for Valentine’s Day. You can be sure that we’ll be some of the first in line.

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